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What We Are ?

Welcome to Wishmed Pty Ltd. an Australian entity. Our aim at Wishmed is to provide quality products and services to Australia and New Zealand Healthcare professionals.

Wishmed Ideology:

  • 24x7 Quality service
  • Precision products 
  • Providing timely solution Providing best possible technical consultancy for instruments repairs 
  • Customer Satisfaction 
  • Hard work 
  • High Ethics 
  • Committed to commitments 
  • Partnership with Customers and Suppliers

Wishmed- Aspiring to become the most admired Laboratory and Medical supply company in ANZ health sector.

Call us for any Lab supply, Laboratory supply, pathology supply, veterinary supply, med supplies, medical supply, chemical supply, stains supply, Histology supply, Skiin Clinic supplies, Nail and Beauty Parlour supply, Tattoo Parlour supply as wholesale or retail in Sydney or all around Australia 

Medical Equipments such as Easy Vein Vein Location unit, Mediprema Satis Incubator, Mediprema Obloo, Leddy Bloo and BBloo Phototherapy units, Mediprema infant radiant warmers, ECG machine, Defibrillator, medical furniture, instrument trolleys, blood collection chairs, medical couch, foot step, xray viewer, glucose meter, thermometer, suction machine, autoclaves etc

Laboratory Equipments such as Centrifuge, Laboratory centrifuge, General purpose centrifuge, Blood Bag Centrifuge, Tube Mixer, Stirrer, suspension mixer, Water Bath, Laborator incubator, Vaccine Refrigerator, Laboratory refrigerator, Blood Bank refrigerator, Oven, Inoculation loop incinerator, safety cabinets, Freezer, Chest freezers, Dry ice maker, timers, etc

Plastic supplies such as, Polysterine or polypropylene Blood Collection tubes, round bottom tubes, conical base tubes, flat bottom tubes and containers, Inoculation loops, Inoculation needles, L shape spreader, t shapes spreader, microtitre plates, dry swabs, dry swab in tube, Amies swab, stuart swab, Cary Blair swabs, Virus transport swab, chlmydia swab, Promed tubes,  forceps, labeled tubes, unlabelled tubes, Centrifuge tubes, Microtubes, Pipettors, Pipettors tips, filter tips, robotics tips, push caps, stoppers, PCR tubes, Pasteur pipette, Sterilepasteur or transfer pipette, serology pipetts, Petri Dish various size, 34 hour urine container or bottles, Men's urinals, womens urinals, Bed pans, Sharp cpntainers, sample cups and nesting sample cups for Hitachin, Abbott, Roche Analyzers, spectrophotometer cuvettes, Microtubes for Cobas Bio, tubes racks, freezer racks, cryo racks, cryotubes, microtubes with screw cap, cyto brush, pap test spatula, ESR pipettes, ESR tubes, slide mailers, slide storage, parafilm, gloves dispencer, Kova slides, papertowel dispencer culture bottles, spin columns, filtration plates PCR plates, 12x8 pcr plates, deep well plates, microtube racks, Histo cassette, biopsy cassette, 70 ml jar Primary tubes, secondry tubes, customised specimen bags, wash bottle, available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra , Darwin, Launceston New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland South Australia, Western Australia Tasmania also knows as NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, NT, TAS.

Glass supplies such as, economy glass slides 76x26, speciall german glass slides, frosted glass slides, color frosted glass slides, cover slips, 22x22, 24x40, 24x50,24x60, Glass tube, Glass Cylinder, Glass flask, Glass conical flask, glass capilary or hematocrit  tubes, boorosilicate culture tubes etc

Medical supplies such as gauze, bandage, spot plaster, strip plaster, Needles, Syringes, slip tip syringes, Versa towel, paper towel, hand gel, cleaning solution, gloves Latex powdered and Powder free gloves,  Gloves Nitrile Powdered and Powder free, vinyl gloves, Sterile Gamex gloves, tongue depressor, pap smear spatula, scalpel blade, scalpel blade with handle, swan morton blade, diamantine blade, autoclave chemical indicator, alcohal swabs, basic dressing pack, skin excision pack, skin lesion pack,  cervex brush, tourniquet, vaginal speculum, hand gel, spill kit, spill absorbant powder, sutures, biopsy punch, biopsy blade, biopsy razor, compact towel, kim wipes,  lubricating gel,  KY gel, Fenestratin drapes, Caps, gown, sterile gown, cotton tip, wooden stick, foam tray, urine collector, pediatric urine collector, Bluee, Economy Bluee, isopropyl disinfectant wipes, Povidon wipes, Radiation attenuation gloves, ECG printer paper, Ultrasounf printer paper, thermal paperl Sony printer paper, Steri strip, Combur 9, ECG Electrode, Qlicksmart Blade removar, Laryngoscope, etc

Chemcial supplies such as, Faecal parasite kits, Wax, Ethanol, Methanol, Xylene, Normal Saline, Saline tube, fromic acid, Buffer, Stains, etc

We are proud to sell product of the brands such as, Cello, FL Medical, Vacumed, Promed, Mediprema, Insono, Abdos, Remilab, Digisystem, Nerbe, Biosigma, AHN, Terumo, BD, Kimberley Clarke, Welch Allyn, Evermed, Mocom, Livingstone,Smiths and Nephew, skinshield, universal, multigate, sentry, KAI, Diamantine, Swon Mortan, Tuffie, Whiteley, Griener, Copan, Vacuette, thermofischer, technoplas, simport, glassco, herolab, POCD, Muraban, sarstedt, TGI, Thermoline and many more to come

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