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Wishmed was established in March 2010 in Australia as a technical consultancy to support lab equipment installations and repairs. In February 2011, we took steps to enter the medical and laboratory supply field after finding an unregulated-priced product in the market. We decided to bring in the quality products at a competitive price all across the board whether it is a Medical Centre, Specialized Clinic, Laboratory or Private and Government Hospitals. 

Wishmed deals in laboratory consumables & equipment, general medical consumables & equipment, dental consumables & equipment and pharmaceutical supplies.

In early 2015, we started working in the Pacific Islands (Samoa and Fiji), supplying numerous medical and pharmacy consumables. Later we were asked to provide various dental consumables and equipment to reduce multiple suppliers. We decided to open a dental division so that we can be a one-stop-shop for all customers to fulfil their medical and dental supply needs. By the end of 2015, we started working actively in Australia and eight Pacific Islands.

If you are unable to find a product on our website or catalogues, please contact our sales representatives and they would be more than happy to help you find your product at the right price.

Supplier’s Profile:

Wishmed works with world-renown international suppliers to ensure quality products reach as many corners of Australia as possible.

We can equip entire hospitals with all their department’s wards such as OT, Pathology, Emergency, Neonatal ICU, ICU, Pathology (Chemistry, Haematology, Microbiology, Histology) CSSD Department for Autoclaves, Physiotherapy, ENT, Ortho, Cardiology, Radiology Pharmacy. 

Our partners in Australia and around the world are here to help in equipping any hospital of any capacity.


Employees profile: 

We have employees like biotechnology engineers, doctors, biochemical engineers, physicists and dentists in our sales team with over 5-10 years of work experience, who are familiar with the products and can actively support people in finding the right item. 


Our Services:

Mission: Customer satisfaction is above everything

At Wishmed, we strive to give the best possible service for the Medical and Dental industries to provide the ultimate benefit to our end customers and patients.


Our service areas are:

Installation: We install all equipment with a professional approach while adhering to the latest safety and industry standard. Our service support is available for all kinds of Laboratory / Medical equipment, even ones that are directly sourced from overseas and do not possess any service support system locally.

Preventive Maintenance: We provide preventive maintenance for the products under warranty and support agreement involving periodic check-ups for the prolonging of their life and predicting any impending mishaps. This system can give you peace of mind by minimizing the breakdown time of your expensive equipment.




Wishmed Pty Ltd.