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2810630 ChemoLum M2R Ch chemiluminescence and fluorescence Gel Doc system

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2810630 ChemoLum M2R Ch chemiluminescence and fluorescence Gel Doc system



2810630 ChemoLum M2R Ch chemiluminescence and fluorescence Gel Doc system


The new developed Multi-Imaging-System ChemoLum guaranties excellent results in chemiluminescence as well as in fluorescence applications

Monochrome CCD-Kamera, 12 bit, 1,4 Mega-Pixel, Pixel sizes: 6,45 μm x 6,45 μm, Binning 2 x 2 und 4 x 4,

this means 4- or 16-fold higher sensitivity, two stages Peltier cooling: ΔT= - 45 °C


Filter Wheel:


The filter wheel is controlled by motor. It has five positions.


In case of ChemoLum C1R three filters (RGB-filter) are included, as well two high


qualitative plane glass filters.


In case of ChemoLum M2R two filters out of our program are delivered at your choice.




The light-tight housing of ChemoLum is opened with a flap which moves upwards.


1. By pressing the live button when fluorescence detection is required the hood can be


opened though to do the positioning of the gel on the transilluminator. The transiluminator


itself will be switched off automatically. Should however the gel be visible for preparative


work the safety switch can be switched off. The light of the switch is shining. The UV face


protection shield must be worn. The gel can be pulled out on the drayer.


2. By selecting Image-shot with fixed time the door will be closed magnetically during






Though the ChemoLum can be used for many other application besides


chemiluminescence it offers many ways of illumination:


First of all there is UV transilluminator


UVT-28 ME-HC on a pull-out rail.


This transilluminator has a


High Contrast filter for 302/312 nm.


Additional Information

Additional Information

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Additional Information


Analysis-Software E.A.S.Y® Win (for details see extra brochure))


Kat.-No. Module Name


28 09 411 Module A plus Basic Software with camera control


(included in system E.A.S.Y Doc plus))


28 09 412 Module B Molecular Weight and Volume Analysis


28 09 413 Module C Spot 2D Analysis of Single Volumes


28 09 414 Module D Dot-Blot-Analysis (ELISA)


28 09 415 Module E Microtiter Plate Analysis


28 09 416 Module F Thin layer Chromatography Analysis


28 09 417 Module G Programmable Quantitative Row Analysis


Optional Components and Devices:


Kat.-No. Description


28 03 950-1 Moveable Camera Bracket (no filter slider possible)


28 08 810


Filter slider, manual, 3 Positions for Emission filters for


different dyes (belated assembly not possible)


28 00 971 UV light as epi light on both sides (254 od. 312 od. 365 nm, max. 2)


29 87 200 Filter protection plate 22 x 28 cm


29 86 200 Radicon® UV White light Converter plate 22 x 28 cm


29 75 280 White light Transilluminator UVT-28 WE-LED


29 78 280 Blue light Transilluminator UVT-28 BE-LED


28 08 xxx Emission filters for different dyes


28 09 095 Digital Thermo Sublimation printer Mitsubishi P 95 DE


28 97 007 High Power Windows-PC with Screen, Keyboard and Mouse



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