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About Us

Wishmed deals in general laboratory consumables, Laboratory Equipment, Medical Consumables, Medical Equipment, Refrigerated, non refrigerated smart storage systems based on the most innovative RFID technology for laboratories and blood banks.

We share a strategic partnership with all our suppliers . Wishmed provides quality European products to the vast and vibrant market of Australia. Our products cater to the needs of Diagnostic, Research and Vet laboratories, Medical Centres, Private ad Government Hospitals, Nail and Beauty  parlours, Tattoo Parlours, Podiatric Centres, Skin Clinics, Science Lab etc

We are in the process of expanding Wishmed business to New Zealand and other countries in Pacific region.

Supplier's Profile:

Spacecode is a very well known name in implementing RFID technology in various applications. Their most famous application is in Diamond industry and Cardiac Cath Labs. Spacecode is now venturing into the field of Laboratories and Blood banks to provide the benefits of RFID technology to keep real time track of the stock. This amazing technology can definitely save thousands of dollars by avoiding the wastage of in stock reagents or blood bank products.

AHN Biotechnologie is a well known European company famous for liquid handling system and filtration products.

FL Medical has it's very well known brand Vacumed and Promed sold in Australia every day through Wishmed

Herolab GmbH is represented in Australia for High Quality German Centrifuges Remilab India is a 60 year old company manufacturing Economy High Centrifuges

Mediprema is dedicated to Infant products such as Infant Incubators, Warmer, Phototherapy units

 Insono has developed Easyvein Infrared vein locating device

Nerbe Germany is represented in Australia by Wishmed for Robotic tips and other specialized plastic products

At Wishmed, we also provide technical consultancy to healthcare organizations.

Wishmed stands for Reliability and Quality assurance for all our products and services.

*Prices are subjected to change without any prior notice.